#Writing #Horror – Night Service

Writing it.

I started writing Night Service not long after Bad Pennies was published (2017). At that point, it might have been a follow-up novel. Not a sequel, but a story that shared the Scaeth, or at least had his presence shimmering through the pages.

After about 5,000 words it didn’t feel like a novel anymore. In truth, it didn’t know what it wanted to be and it was messing with my head. I moved on to other stories and transferred Night Service to the ‘in progress’ folder. The Haunted (Haunting) Hard Drive, as I like to think of it.
Life went on. Other stuff got completed and published. Night Service was there (along with many more) but fading like an old photograph.

My writing shifted focus, away from fiction to more commercial work. Tapping the keyboard for other people rather than purely for myself.
I felt somewhat sad, at the time. Leaving what you love is never easy, even when the leaving is inevitable.

It turned out to be a very refreshing spell. One evening, Night Service was back in my thoughts. It had decided to reveal itself. A horror novella. Possibly (possibly not) the first of a trilogy of novellas that took the Scaeth Mythos to interesting and very dark places.

However well received, Night Service will always hold a special place in my heart. A reminder of the real truth of writing – any artistic endeavour, for that matter.

Lots of effort and headache. If you’re lucky, you end up with something worthwhile.

Night Service John F Leonard

Book Blurb.

It’s been a great night, but it’s getting late. You need to make tracks and cash isn’t king.
No worries …all aboard the Night Service. It could be the last bus you ever catch.

Every journey is a journey into the unknown, but this trip is an eye-opener, unlike anything that Luke and Jessica have ever experienced. They’re going to learn a few important lessons. Being young and in love doesn’t grant immunity from the everyday awful …or the less ordinary evil that lurks in the shadows.
There’s no inoculation from the horror of the world – it’s real and it’s waiting to touch you.

Public transport tends to divide opinion. Some folks think it’s fantastic. They love rubbing shoulders with strangers, seeing life anew through condensation-clad windows. Others consider buses as nothing short of easy-on-the-pocket cattle trucks that the enviro-friendlies promote and never use.

All the night owls out there need to take care, buses after midnight are decidedly dodgy affairs. Unreliable and loaded with the potential for unpleasant.
That said, life doesn’t always leave you with very much choice. Love them or loathe them, sometimes you just have to climb aboard and hope for the best. How bad can it be?
Just jump on and enjoy!
Time to shut up and let someone else drive. You’re not in control when you travel in lowlife style.
No standing, there’s room on top.
No smoking and don’t distract the driver.
Don’t scream and don’t cuss.
Just get on the bus.

Night service is a wild ride. One you’ll never forget. It’s going to take you to places you’ve never been before.
Oh, one thing. Don’t expect to get off alive. And don’t expect to see another sunrise if you do. Happy endings can be elusive little devils.

Definitely a horror story. Part of the Scaeth Mythos and one of a number of sinister tales from the Dead Boxes Archive. Some places, just like some objects, aren’t quite what they seem. Ordinary on the surface, but underneath crawling with incredible.
They’re scary. They hold miracle and mystery. Horror and salvation.

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Night Service Horror Story John F Leonard